Mi Sol Academy believes that children are entrusted to us by God.  They are our past, our present, and they represent our future. At Mi Sol Academy, children are loved and their individuality is deeply respected.  Mi Sol Academy values the opportunity it has to make a difference in children’s lives.  Our aim is to aid the child in the process of their “self-construction”.  We believe that Maria Montessori’s superior teaching method used in conjunction with our Spanish Language Immersion Program gives the child the most authentic method of learning and the most authentic language acquisition environment, thereby preparing the child to become the global leader of tomorrow.  We believe in the Four Pillars of Learning: Achievement of Academic Excellence, a Goal Oriented Mindset, development of Self-Discipline, and Parents as Partners.  Mi Sol Academy is determined to provide children of diverse races and diverse backgrounds with a superior holistic early childhood learning experience and environment.  This organization will practice and expect from its members, high ethical and moral standards as cited in the American Montessori Society’s Code of Ethics.  In doing so, we aspire to achieve great things in Early Childhood Education.




Developed by Maria Montessori, an Italian 20th century educator, this unique style of educating children uses a  whole child approach in helping children reach various developmental stages at his/her own pace.  Children are taught to be autonomous, independent and are presented material on an individual basis as opposed to the “one lesson plan fits all” approach.  The Montessori child develops an inner feeling of success, independence, order, and confidence that is essential to academic success in future schooling.

At its most basic level, the Montessori premise is that the learning capacity of a young child is fundamentally different from that of an adult.  Dr. Montessori demonstrated this in the dogma of the “sensitive periods”.  These periods are a time line in the development of a child, windows of opportunity in which natural optimal development is possible.  The “sensitive periods” are at the core of the Montessori philosophy.  With the help of the very observant teacher, the child’s full potential can be reached.