Why Spanish? Why a Second Language? Why So Early?
Spanish is the second most important language on earth according to the United Nation’s Human development Index. The United States is home to the second largest Spanish speaking population on the planet- almost 53 million people speak Spanish in the U.S.  Needless to say, in today’s heterogeneous, global and competitive world, knowledge of Spanish will open more doors and increase the individual’s chances of career success.  It is settled research that learners can take in a second language best before the age of six: the time of least resistance for a human to learn multiple languages is from birth to age 6.  Furthermore, research indicates that individuals who learn a second language during their first years of life are more proficient in the areas of language, math, reading, and writing. In addition, children fluent in two languages develop excellent analytical reasoning skills, concept formation skills, and cognitive flexibility.

How is Spanish immersion different than Spanish classes?
Spanish Immersion Programs expose the learner to Spanish at all times- in a natural, non-stressful, non-pressured fashion. Through immersion the child reproduces sounds as a native speaker does; without an accent! For a young learner, this is the most effective and most natural way to achieve fluency in the target minority language.  Immersion provides a rich vocabulary, semantics and proper syntax.  Spanish classes provide minimal exposure to the language.  Due to the minimal exposure and large gaps between classes, vocabulary is limited, syntax is lacking, retention is difficult and reproduction is clumsy.

What are other benefits of using an Immersion Approach?
Through immersion, learners move more quickly and more efficiently through the 5 predictable stages of second language acquisition: 1. Preproduction Stage, 2. Early Production Stage, 3. Speech Emergence Stage, 4. Intermediate Language Proficiency Stage, 5. Advanced Language Proficiency Stage.  Click here to see  “IMMERSION IN ACTION”  a video demonstrating the results of true immersion in a Mi Sol Graduate.

Why choose a Montessori Education for my child?
In a Montessori environment, your child has the advantage of a holistic (well rounded) education. The activities in the “prepared environment” promote the child’s emotional, social, and cognitive development. Contrary to the “one-lesson-fits-all” approach, Montessori children learn at their own pace with materials that appeal to their individual interest. Attention and curriculum is individualized so as to allow the child’s full potential to flourish with direction from the teacher. Consequently, Mi Sol students are generally working above grade level. On standardized tests, our higher grades are testing better than 90% of other grade equivalent students nationwide.

We don’t speak any Spanish now, will this program work?
Yes! This program is designed for the family that desires Spanish as a second language.   language. English is the primary language for all our students.

My child already speaks two languages, will a third confuse him?
No. It has been our experience that bilingual children become trilingual almost effortlessly. The time of least resistance for a human to learn multiple languages is from birth to age 6.

What happens to the Spanish after graduation, will my child lose it?
No. It is much like riding a bicycle. The foundation for the language has been created, the wiring is in place. Your child may become rusty from non-exposure but when reintroduced to the language, the child effortlessly regains mastery.  Mi Sol offers a fun summer program designed specifically with our alumni in mind.  We have witnessed alumni go without Spanish for 11 months, only to regain it over a few weeks of re-exposure.

What about English?
English is a very important part of our program. As the child progresses through the program he will participate in our English program which is designed and implemented by our Montessori Certified, State Certified K-9th grade teacher. Prior to this point, the child’s exposure to English is at home among family, friends and neighbors.

Do I have to wait for the beginning of a semester to enroll my child?
No. You may enroll your child (space permitting) at any time of the year. Montessori recognizes that children learn and develop at different paces. Our curriculum is tailored to the child’s current developmental stage- we meet the child where he or she is at.  This allows us to focus on the child’s strengths and weaknesses.

How much does the program cost?
Tuition is based on your chosen arrival and dismissal times.  Your investment covers the entire school year and ranges from $5,600.00 for our half day schedule to $9500.00 for our full day schedule.   Please call, text (708-2442424) or email (through our “contact us” tab) for a full program and tuition schedule.

Where can I learn more about the Montessori Philosophy?
We encourage you to research. The following links are a good place to start: http://amshq.org/Montessori-Education

Where can I learn more about second language acquisition?
Click on our blog tab or click here: http://misolacademy.org/links/