• Preschool (ages 3-6 mixed age group-Immersion)
  • PreK  (ages 3-6 mixed age group-Immersion)
  • Kindergarten  (ages 3-6 mixed age group-Dual Language-Spanish/English)
  • Summer Spanish Immersion Program (click here)

Core program: 8:30am – 11:45am – Spanish Immersion.

Core program: 8:30am –  2:30pm – Spanish Immersion-

If your child is in:

Kindergarten: 12:00pm – 2:30pm – Lunch followed by an English Kindergarten Curriculum.

PreK: 12:00pm – 2:30pm – Lunch followed by a Transitional Kindergarten Curriculum.

Preschool: 12:00-2:30pm – Lunch followed by a nap/rest period.

After school care: 2:30am – 3:30pm – Spanish Immersion-available only as add-on to all programs.

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Mi Sol is a Montessori Language Acquisition School.   Children enter our program as young as 3, speaking English and graduate as functionally bilingual (English/Spanish) learners.  The program offers a personalized home like setting experience where your student can excel academically, socially and emotionally.  We are a small community of learners where the founders/owners are personally involved in all aspects.    Our program’s other focuses are on achieving exceptional academics and character building. Our curriculum is tailored to the individual developmental and educational needs of each child. As such, graduates of Mi Sol Montessori Academy are generally working 1,2 or 3 grades above their current level.

Exposure to the following areas each day:

Practical Life: Environment is prepared to engage the child in practical life activities. Intended to captivate the child’s interest as he effortlessly succeeds in these works. The child improves his sense of focus, concentration and self-esteem.  Other benefits include improved self-regulation: impulse control, delayed gratification and self-motivation.

Sensorial: Intended to create in the child an imprint of life through their senses. Works are specifically designed to familiarize a child with quantities, dimensions, change, form and distance. Indirectly, these activities prepare the child for mathematical concepts. The child improves his sense of order, peace and self-regulation: impulse control, delayed gratification and self-motivation..

Mathematics: Is progressive and begins with simple concrete tasks such as linear counting, symbol recognition, 1 to 1 correspondence and evolves to teach abstract concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and fractions.

Science: Intended to teach the child about all forms of life, habitats, geography and animal kingdoms.

Language: Exposure to the language materials teaches vocabulary and proper syntax in the Spanish language.  As the child progresses, materials are designed for the preparation of reading and writing in the language.  Through immersion the child reproduces sounds as a native speaker does; without an accent! For a young learner, this is the most effective and most natural way to achieve fluency in the target minority language.  Immersion provides a rich vocabulary, semantics and proper syntax in a very natural, relaxed and with a non-pressured approach.  Spanish classes provide minimal exposure to the language and is mostly dependent on rote memorization.  Due to the minimal exposure and large gaps between classes, vocabulary is limited, syntax is lacking, retention is difficult and reproduction is clumsy.  Our graduates are fully bi-lingual and bi-literate- reading and writing in English is a secondary focus in the kindergarten year.

Cultural: Includes activities in areas such as art, music and world traditions. The works are designed to awaken the child to his environment.

Grace/Courtesy and Socialization: Daily opportunities for children to build courtesy and socialization skills through modeling, mentoring and dialogue.