I just wanted to drop a line and let you know Cahil’s teachers have routinely mentioned that “his last school did a great job.” His composure in the class, fine motor skills and language proficiency (English and Spanish) has exceed their expectations. Cahil is currently in jk at collegiate, one of the city’s premier private schools.

Amal Agarwal - 2016

Dear Mr. Alex and Ms. Erika,
I just want to thank you for the terrific experience Jenny, Kiera, and I had at Mi Sol. As we settle into our new life in Phoenix, and the start of the school year, it has become apparent what a terrific job you and the entire Mi Sol staff has done for Kiera. I am beyond proud of her ability to speak Spanish, thank you. Beyond Spanish, she has also shown a strong foundation for more broad academic success. I think that she is ahead of the curve in math and reading. I attribute it to her time at Mi Sol and the positive impact learning a second language has on a child her age. Again, thank you. You and your staff have been great teachers and have influenced Kiera in a very positive way. Our experience at Mi Sol has also influenced our educational plans for Kiera as we begin to navigate her academic career. Please keep up the amazing work you do!

Brian Kay - 2013

Mr. Alex, Ms. Erika and Senora Fe:
I wanted to thank you for making Evissa’s birthday so special. You really made her feel special on her special day and it was so much fun being able to observe her with her friends and to participate in her birthday celebration. I am so proud of her progress with you and look forward to another fun year. I’ve said it many times to many people, but perhaps not to you, and I want you to know that I am pleased beyond measure and feel justified in my choice of early education for my child. Thank you so very much for making the first years of my child’s education and school experience so exceptional, wonderful and memorable.

Michelle Ptak - 2011

I was very impressed by my observation of the children’s morning last week. To actually hear the children responding in Spanish was thrilling! What impressed me the most, however, was that each of the children truly worked independently!. When I saw a young 3 year old boy prepare a snack & share it with the others children, I was amazed & delighted! The staff has an exceptioanl ability to engage & nurture the children in both the English & Spanish languages. They are truly gifted teachers!

Ann K. Pringle - 2007

Thank you for allowing me to visit and observe a typical Montessori day in my daughter’s life. It was a pleasure to see all of the children flow through the day with ease. They seemed to feel right at home. Every child had something to do and took pride in their work. It was incredible to see the children understand when they were being spoken to in Spanish. What seemed to amaze me even more was to see the incredible self discipline and responsibility they possess, even the youngest ones. I am very happy and proud to have Brianna attending such a great school and to have such great teachers. she is always excited about starting her day.

Leticia Moreno - 2007

The observation of your classroom today was so very interesting. It was incredible to to see all the children, not only my own, so incredibly focused, calm, and busy at work in the classroom. They were like a swarm of busy bees…each knowing their individual parts while also knowing when to pull together as a team to clean up and help each other out. The sense of Independence, pride, respect, order, and caring these little ones exhibited during my visit was fulfilling to watch as a parent. I sat and watched in amazement as the children selected their projects, concentrated and completed their tasks, and then put things exactly back in their proper places with such care.  At one point during the observation, Fiona was at the sink cleaning her supplies after painting….it took her a long time to accomplish her task but she kept at it. I couldn’t help but notice the pride she took and the sense of accomplishment she felt after completing the simplest of tasks. It was a proud moment for me as a parent to see the delight in her face after she completed her work and to see her so confident and comfortable within your classroom. The patients and attention you provide to the students is impressive. The environment you provide within your classroom allows for not only the teaching of academics and the Spanish language, but the reinforcement of values. I wanted to tell you how pleased I am to see Fiona grow and learn in such a stimulating environment. Thanks again.

Eileen Duncan - 2008

I was finally able to sit down and gather my thoughts on Mi Sol. This is something I have really wanted to do because we are so immensely impressed with Mi Sol. When my husband and I set out to find a pre-school for our daughter, we had very high aspirations. Since her education is one of our highest priorities.

From our very first visit to Mi Sol, we knew we had found our perfect fit. The Spanish immersion at Mi Sol attracted us right from the start. It is wonderful to know that the children truly were conversing in Spanish. What an amazing skill for our girl to learn, and what a perfect age to learn it! Once our daughter got started, however, what amazed us even more was the love that was shown to her. Each morning, she is greeted with open arms and a smiling face by a caring adult. Every day, her teachers maintain an unparalleled enthusiasm while also paying attention to her individual needs and progress. I never feel uncomfortable asking questions and I feel that her teachers continually take the time to fully address her needs. As we fell into a routine last school year at Mi Sol, I was quite excited to come and visit for the Mother’s Day celebration. I knew I was totally amazed by this place, and I was curious to see how other parents felt as well. Throughout that morning, I spoke with many different parents. We discussed how our children really were learning skills, speaking Spanish, and being nurtured. The same sentiment was shared again and again: “there’s just something about this place.” During that same visit, I saw something else that amazed me. At one point during the morning, all of our children were allowed to show us their work in an unstructured format. Each child carefully selected a task, set it up next to their parent, and demonstrated their work without anyone orchestrating the event. At one point, I looked up and around the room to see at least fifteen different children all happily sharing their work with their parents. In one small classroom thirty different individuals were all very busy, yet the noise level was lower than my one child can make at home. As the months have continued, I continue to see the benefits of a Montessori education in my child. At first, I was quite impressed when her teachers taught her to put on her own coat and shoes. Since then, I have seen her develop so many other skills. In addition to her speaking Spanish, I see her skills changing dramatically. She has improved her fine motor skills so much that she just adores drawing and I can barely keep her away from her art desk. I most appreciate this when other parents cannot believe how patient and independent my daughter is in her play. Recently, at a friend’s birthday party, all of the small children were allowed to paint picture frames. While all of the other children finished this task in a couple minutes, my daughter sat diligently for over a half hour, painstakingly perfecting her frame and covering every inch. The parents around us could not believe her patience, and I happily gave the credit to her Mi Sol education. Mi Sol is truly an amazing place, and I am so grateful we have found it! Have a great day and thanks as always for taking such good care of our girl!

Amanda Vogel, M.A.E. - 2009 V.P. of Training and Curriculum Nurturing Wisdom Tutoring

Dear Mi Sol,
We wanted to say muchas gracias for a wonderful year for Marcus and Jack! Marcus grew and excelled so much in the past year and Jack is speaking Spanish so nicely. They really enjoyed their year and we did as well. Thank you!

Dan and Toni - 2009

Dear Ms. Erika,
It is not without mixed feelings that I have to let you know that I have taken a job as a professor in Phoenix and will need to be relocating. The hardest factor for me in this consideration has been my LOVE for Mi Sol Montessori and what you all have done for my daughter. I know that it has been a relatively short time that Lily has been in your care, but my admiration, respect and trust for Mi Sol escapes words. If there is ANYTHING that I can do to help you touch the lives of other children please let me know.

Professor Morgan Denney - 2010

We’ve had a wonderful experience over the past three years. Mi Sol offers a strong multicultural & bilingual learning experience for children in a safe, comfortable and familiar setting. Wonderful teachers who are dedicated to the development and happiness of children. The bilingual/ montessori experience has created a foundation for the love of learning and exploration. Both of our children have and continue to enjoy the Mi Sol Academy.

Chad Duffy - 2014